How to improve your Phone battery life

A mobile phone is about as good as its battery life. It wouldn’t really be a mobile phone without a charged battery after all. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to improve the battery life of your Android phone so that you don’t have to charge it as often.

Turn On Power-Saving Mode

While you might not want low-power mode on all the time, many new computers, smartphones, and tablets offer it in some form, enabled in Settings, that often turns the screen to black and white, darkens the display, and turns off unnecessary wireless features.

This will help you to have more battery throughout the day and will not affect in almost anything the performance of the device if used.

Turn down the brightness

Dim your device screen to at least half to preserve your battery life. This will help reduce the energy that the device spends, which has a direct impact on battery consumption.

Use wallpapers with a darker color

A dark-colored wallpaper forces your phone to spend less battery to conserve its brightness.

This is a very simple method to save battery and usually works very well.

Limit location services

One of the best ways to save battery is to turn off the location function. In addition, you should also revoke the location permission for apps that don’t require it all the time. This way, you’re blocking those apps from using the service in the background, saving even more battery life.

Reduce push notifications

If you can, turn off push services or reduce the frequency with which your smartphone notifies you of new information it will be of great benefit to you. Instead, choose to pull down messages only when you need to. 


These are a few ways in which you can improve the battery life of your Android phone. These tips should help you extract a few extra minutes or hours from your smartphone’s battery. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best mobile phones, at unbeatable prices. Your ultimate destination for refurbished, open box, and pre-owned mobile phones. Shop from our website now and get your dream gadget at unbeatable prices.

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