Openbox Amazon Basics Magnetic Wireless Charger 15W Fast Charging (Black)

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Why Openbox Accessories?

Xphones openbox accessories are just an opened box, meaning the contents inside (the original product) are brand new and unused. It is not a refurbished or used accessory but simply an unboxed product and that too with a warranty.

Product Description

The Amazon Basics Magnetic Wireless Charger is a sleek and efficient solution for your charging needs, offering up to 15W fast charging capabilities. Designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including the latest iPhone models, this charger ensures a seamless charging experience without the hassle of tangled wires. This ensures your phone stays in place, even if you accidentally bump your desk or nightstand. The magnetic hold is strong enough to keep your device aligned, yet gentle enough to remove it effortlessly when needed. One of the standout features of the Amazon Basics Magnetic Wireless Charger is its ability to deliver 15W fast charging. This means you can power up your devices quickly, reducing the downtime and keeping you connected throughout your day. It’s compatible with various Qi-enabled devices, making it a versatile addition to your tech accessories. The charger is built with safety in mind, incorporating advanced features such as overcharge protection, temperature control, and foreign object detection. These safety measures ensure that your device is protected from potential damage while charging. Aesthetically, the charger boasts a minimalist design that blends well with any decor. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, perfect for both home and office use. 

Model AG-IC-15W-IC-20
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