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beatXP SmartPlus Pro BMI Weighing Scale with Bluetooth


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The BeatXP SmartPlus Pro BMI Weighing Scale with Bluetooth redefines the concept of traditional weighing scales by integrating cutting-edge technology for comprehensive health monitoring. Featuring high-precision ITO glass sensors, this scale delivers accurate measurements of weight, body fat percentage, and 15 key health indicators. Its Bluetooth connectivity enables seamless data transfer to your smartphone, allowing you to track your progress over time with ease. Perfect for multi-user households, this scale supports multiple user profiles, ensuring personalised insights for each individual. With a sleek and modern design, along with a durable construction, the BeatXP SmartPlus Pro is not only a practical health monitoring tool but also an aesthetic addition to any bathroom or bedroom. Take control of your health journey and achieve your wellness goals with the BeatXP SmartPlus Pro BMI Weighing Scale.

Model‎SmartPlus Pro BMI
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