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beatXP Weighing Scale with 13 Essential Body Parameters Bluetooth Weighing Machine


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The BeatXP Weighing Scale is a sophisticated and innovative health monitoring tool that goes beyond conventional weighing scales. It offers a comprehensive analysis of your well-being by measuring 13 essential body parameters, providing users with a holistic understanding of their health. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, this weighing machine seamlessly connects to a Smart Fitness App, allowing users to track and analyze their health data conveniently on their smartphones. The backlit LCD ensures clear visibility of the measurements, even in low-light environments. With its sleek design and advanced features, the BeatXP Weighing Scale not only serves as a precise weight measurement device but also as a valuable tool for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. To further enhance customer confidence, this innovative weighing scale comes with an 18-month warranty, ensuring reliability and performance. Upgrade your health and fitness journey with the BeatXP Weighing Scale, an intelligent and user-friendly device designed to empower your wellness goals.

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